Types of window installation

When it comes to your Utah Window Installation, there are a few main types to be aware of. Knowing these types can help you make a decision regarding what you need for your home, and windows installation. For example, there is pocket installation as well as full frame. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these types of installation. Let’s dive deeper into it so you can decide which is right for you.

Pocket Installation

When it comes to a pocket install, it is characterized by leaving the frame of the old window in the same place.  Your installer will remove sashes, parting stops, jamb liners, and storm windows, with only the old frame left behind. The new window will then be made to fit inside the old frame.  When it comes to a narrower 3 ¼” frame width, it is often what is used for this method of installation.

These are easy to install meaning they take less time and are a less expensive option for replacing a window.  It also allows you to install new windows without removing or damaging the existing interior trim.

The main disadvantage is that it does not allow for inspection and treatment of the opening. This means there may be water damage, rotted wood, lack of insulation, insect infestation, or mold.  It can also leave less glass which may affect the light, as well as overall appearance.  The old trim may also look different as compared to the brand new windows.

Full Frame Installation

During a full frame install the entire existing window is removed. It results in the exposure of the original studded opening, or rough opening. The positive aspect of this installation is that you can easily inspect and treat the rough opening for water damage, rotted wood, insect infestation and mold.  You will also be able to use new water management and insulation materials and practices. The overall appearance should not change, and it will be very similar to the previous window. New interior window trim is often very attractive and offers new choices for style as well as color. The main disadvantage is that they are often more expensive overall because you are essentially getting a full replacement.

How to Decide

Each method of window installation has its place. If your home is older, then you may want to do a pocket install to ensure that general look. When it comes to water damage you may want to do a full frame to repair any of the troubles that are existing below the frame. For most homes it may be difficult to decide, but you can walk through the process with your contractor. Every home is different, so weigh your options to decide which is best for you and your home.


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