When to Replace Vinyl Windows

When it comes to improving your home, replacing your windows is a wonderful way to do so. The performance and efficiency of existing windows can be improved in a multitude of ways. Many homeowners and contractors have a large variety to consider. Although you can do low-budget DIY fixes such as replacing weather stripping or installing window films, you can also pay a company for Window Replacement Utah.

In some cases, homeowners make the decision to replace windows without knowing what the next step is. If you choose to do this, you need to know your options and to know what will happen once you replace them. You do not need to wait for your windows to be extremely drafty to replace them, instead, know how long they should last before doing so.

How Long Should New Window Installation Last?

Most window design professionals agree that new and quality windows should last somewhere between 15 and 20 years. Many companies that produce vinyl windows give a warranty that lasts anywhere from 20 to 25 years. This is somewhat of a lifetime.

When your windows reach around 15 to 25 years, you can expect to repair your windows regularly. Adding caulking and insulation is essential and performing a number of other temporary fixes. Eventually, you may need to replace the windows around the 20-year mark.

Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing

Cracked Frame

There are various types of damage, and some can be fixed with new weatherstripping or a hardware replacement.  If the window is warped, broken, or damaged, the window sash or frame should be replaced immediately instead of repaired. The damaged window frame is unattractive, and also compromises the efficiency of the window itself. It will cause issues with insulation, siding, and heating, and air conditioning as well.

Fogged Glass

This problem only occurs if you have double or triple paned windows. The fogged glass shows itself as condensation as it gets trapped between the window panes. This may be from an opening or hole. It may even be barely noticeable to you. If your double-pane windows have a gas-like look, then it may be a sign that there is gas leaking. Regular double-paned windows are not as efficient as air-filled ones. When it begins to leak, you should replace it.

Soft Frame

If you have wooden windows, then excess moisture can cause the windowsill to rot. This is usually on the outside of the house and the wood will feel soft when you push it. If this occurs, then you will need to consider replacing the entire window and even the frame on the exterior.

Getting Stuck

If you open your window and close it and it becomes difficult, then you may see cracks forming on the frame. If it is severe, they can cause it to stick. This type of wear and tear because of aging is a sign that your window should be replaced.


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